Vedas and Computers (English)

Title of the book : VEDAS AND COMPUTERS (Computer Science in Vedas)
Author: Dr.RVSS Avadhanulu
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Reviewed by : Prof. PB Sharma, Founder Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal; Principal, Delhi College of Engineering; & Dean, Faculty of Technology, University of Delhi

“The Vedas and Computers By RVSS Avadhanulu gives a lucid exposition of some basic principles laid down in Mimamsa philosophy vis-ŕ-vis the modern computational systems. Further it asserts that some of the latest principles of computer science were already recorded in the Mimamsa texts. To corroborate with the above statement the author selects the FORTRAN language of computer to demonstrate the value of expression by an assignment statement together with the control transfer statement; form of simple variable; applicatory injunction; physical & logical sequence with due analysis of the concepts; Subprogram in the Vedas; data transmission; categorization of statements; job step concept in computers; queues/stacks & paurvaparya & vitati; time sharing systems; processing time computers; Avilamba of Mimamsa; and password concept in light of Adhikaravidhi.

I find the publication the Vedas and Computers highly relevant to our quest for significantly upgrading modern computational capability by incorporating the profound wisdom of Vedic computing into the future algorithms for high performance computing. The value of Vedic computing , in fact, lies in terms of improved logistic and faster algorithm. The work of Avadhanulu is highly innovative and largely original for its applicability and relevance to the modern computational science.” - (Book Review-MLBD (Motilal Banarsi Das ) News letter, November, 2003)

Topics broadly covered:
Introduction to computers, Mimamsa, comparative studies between computer science and mimamsa, covering …command words, operators, physical and logical sequences,main program and subprogram, project management, application programs , library programs, job step concept, data structures, time sharing system, processing time, password concept, error s of syntax and semantics, areas where mimamsa can contribute to computers, etc.

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