Veda Sastrala Samkshipta Parichayam (Telugu)


Efforts are made from time immemorial to preserve and propagate the traditions of sanatana dharma. Several philanthropists are coming forward to support the related activities. But the students and youth of India of the current times are not having even the minimum knowledge about our Vedic systems. They are not aware of the basic termonology, like key words of our scriptures and their meanings leave alone the contributions of our ancestors. Hence a need is felt to increase their knowledge level in this area.

Accordingly, the basic words and concepts of importance related to our religion and culture, and their meanings are compiled, along with brief descriptions, wherever needed. The presentation is made in question-answer format. It is almost like a mini-encyclopaedia of our culture in general, and Vedas in particular.

Topics broadly covered: Vedas-basic terminlogy, need of Vedas, grand concepts in Vedas, Rishis, prasthana trayam, definitions of the word Veda, branches of Vedas, parts of Vedas, brief descriptions of Vedas and sastras, modern sciences in Vedas, different modes of chantings, contributions of foreigners, need for research in Vedas, threats to Vedas and solutions,need for preservation of Vedas, contributions of SVB, etc.

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