Upanishad Ratnavli – Telugu

Title of the book : Upanishad Ratnavali

Price : 4 Books Rs. 250/-

The Upanishads, also called as the Vedanta, constitute the base for supreme knowledge. In simple words, the Upanishads start from the point where the modern sciences cease. Several institutuins are making their unique efforts in spreading the knowledge of Upanishads. But the fact is that the subject has to still reach several crores of people.

SVB has taken up the mission of taking the contents of Upanishads closer to the masses, in its own way. Accordingly SVB developed its own strategy, starting from the style of narration, font selection, line spacing, sizes of the booklets, and quality of printing Originally SVB brought out the gist of Sankara Bhashyas of 10 Upanishads in a set of four booklets.. However, the matter is improved and one more Upanishad, viz.,Svetaswatara Upanishad, is also covered, but keeping the number of booklets the same.. The response of the public for the first two editions was thrilling. The third and fourth editions have gone in the same way.

The books are authored by Sri Kalanidhi Sayanayana Murthy , Former Law Secretary , Govt of Andhra Pradesh and edited by Dr.Remella Avadhanulu , Chief Executive of Shri Veda Barathi.

Topics Broadly covered:

Part 1: Editor’s note, ‘A word of deligt’ by Mahamahopadhyaya Prof. Pullela SriRamachandrudu, basic tenes of Hinduism and challenges it is facing, our ancient literature, form and contents of Upanishads in brief, Isavasyopanishad and Kenopanishad
No. of pages:121

Part 2:Mundakopanishad, Prasnopanishad, and Taittiriyopanishad
No. of pages:138

Part 3:Chandogyopanishad, Aitareyopanishad and Kathopanishad
No. of pages:136

Part 4:Brihadaranyakopanishad, Mandukyopanishad and Svetasvataropanishad
No. of pages:137

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