Predictability of Earthquakes using Jyotisha (T)

The subject of earth quakes is a topic of interest for several millennia.
The studies are not restricted to one or two countries, but carried out through out the globe. Some of the parameters that were critically analysed, in relation to the occurrence of earth quakes, include proximity of moon to earth during their movements, sunspots and Jupiterís movement, gravitational force on new moon day and full moon day, etc. The research work derives its significance because of the need for taking remedial measures against the devastating effects.

In this context it is quite natural for the admirers of Indian culture to enquire whether there was a study by our ancestors on this subject, if so, what were their findings and, whether those findings have any relevance even today.

The attempts made world over so far could not bring a perfect solution. Hence there still remains scope for further studies by all means. It appears that the Indian approach of predicting earth quakes using Jyoyisha Sastra is not exhaustively explored. The present work is a serious exercise in that direction..

Topics broadly covered: Introduction to Jyotisha sastra, scientific approach of jyotisha, research studies across the globe, ancient literature on earth quakes, collection of earth quake data, classification, analytical and correlative studies weekdays, tithies, pakshas, nakshatras, yogas, lagans, Rasis, intensities,positional influences of planets, etc.

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