Heritage Education

Our country ‘ Bharat ’ derives its name from the root which indicates love of knowledge. The Vedas are the greatest heritage of our country. They are the repositories of knowledge encompassing all facets of known and unknown universe and most importantly the knowledge of self and SELF. That is why they are not only the heritage of India but also the entire world. They are passed from generation to generation for countless millennia. The traditionalist scholars view the Vedas with divine origin, initially received by the sages of ancient times.

The Vedas embody the eternal values of our civilization. They are considered as the source of all knowledge systems, taking the human beings to the highest standards. Unity in diversity of the beings is explained in the Vedas They state that experiencing the truth is the best way of explanation of facts.

The Vedic literature is huge in size, vast in spread and deep in meaning. Understanding the Vedas requires a thorough knowledge of supporting literature like Vedangas, Darshanas and Smritis. They deal with several topics of interest belonging to the modern subjects also, like mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, and knowledge systems. The Vedas deal with materialism and spiritualism in a balanced way. Ultimately it is said that one gets what he/she wants from them.

Even when the world is fragmented under various denominations like race, religion, region, language and others, the Vedas, which are the sacred and secular texts, stand out as the integrating force. Their range of appeal is from one extreme to another extreme, starting from an ordinary human being with simple level of thinking up to the scientists, thinkers, philosophers and practitioners of highest level of all times. The Vedas continue to inspire the mankind forever, as they are for the well being of all in the universe.

Till few decades back the study and practice of Vedas and their related literature were taken as real education in India . Accordingly they were taught in Gurukulas and Ashrams. But with the wide spread of modern system of Learning through schools, colleges and universities, the study of Vedas is relegated to the background. Consequently the young generation of our country is not having adequate opportunity of acquiring even minimum knowledge of our heritage.

In turn our boys and girls are not able to put forth before the world audience the significant contributions of India and its sages in ancient times.

In this background the need is felt by all the learned personalities to create awareness and rekindle the interest on Vedic studies among students, teachers, youth and other cross sections of our society. Hence the subject of Heritage education is introduced and is being taught as a topic in refresher training programmes for teachers. But in the process it is noticed that lack of appropriate study material which reflects on this subject in proper perspective has become a great constraint.

In this background, the present book of “Heritage Education ( A brief study of Vedas and Sastras)” is a timely publication brought out by SVB of Hyderabad which will prove to be highly useful and beneficial to all.
I congratulate the author Dr.Remella Avadhanulu for compiling this book which is like a mini encyclopedia on Vedas.

-- Sri D.Ramakrishna, I.A.S. (Retd.)

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