Objectives Behind Teaching Vedic Mathematics

The main objective behind the propagation of Vedic Mathematics is to see that our teachers, students and youth know the rich heritage of India, which is still relevant and useful even in modern times also.

Another important objective is to remove the phobia about mathematics from the minds of children. In the initial stages of learning mathematics, if the subject is projected in simple terms, the mindset of the children will be properly grooved and they feel happy while solving the problems easily.

To say in nutshell, let us not complicate the subject with rude methods. On the other hand, let us make the children happy to learn mathematics by teaching the simple and fast techniques available in Vedic mathematics.

Finally,we wish that

  • the learners of this Vedic mathematics carry out their research, 
  • explore the contents of  thousands of palm leaf books lying in various libraries,
  • highlight the mathematical principles which are still lying unidentified, and
  • serve the society with the fund of knowledge given by our sages.


We invite you all to participate in this mission to the extent possible.