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Ancient Indian Knowledge & Values
చిన్న పిల్లలకు / విద్యార్థులకు భారతీయ సంస్కృతి తరగతి

 Dr. Remella Avadhanulu

M.Sc.(Nuclear Physics),M.A.,Ph.D.(Sanskrit),M.A.,Ph.D.(Jyotisha) D.Litt(Hon), Deputy Director(Retd) (Computers), Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.

Introduction to Ancient Indian Knowledge & Values

Shri Veda Bharathi (SVB) is a Public Charitable Trust, formed with the holy objectives of preservation and propagation of Vedic knowledge, and has been striving seriously for the same, for the past three decades.

As you all know well, SVB has been conducting several training programs on our great cultural heritage under the title of “Ancient Indian Knowledge and Values" for making our children Cultural ambassadors of this great country Bharat.

In that process already five courses were completed successfully to the maximum satisfaction of all children and their parents. Some of the subjects covered were Sundarakanda( some slokas), Vedic maths, Ayurveda concepts, life histories of great sons of India, stories from Pancha tantra etc.

Being impressed by the syllabus, teaching methodology , study material, interaction etc, the parents of all the participants have been requesting for some more courses on similar lines,covering Traditional texts,stories related to ethics,scientific subjects etc. In fact many parents learnt some subjects enthusiastically along with their children.

Accordingly SVB is hereby announcing the next course "AIKV6- Ancient Indian Knowledge and Values- Course 6" on the same lines, with special focus on literary works of great poets of this land and Lilavati ganitam, for the cutural perfection of all children.

This course will commence fromvJanuary 8, 2022, with 20 sessions spread over five months. Details of the course are given hereunder.

We heartily invite all parents to admit their children and also themselves in this course for getting the benefit of our rich cultural heritage.

Course Benifits

Links of Recorded videos of earlier Classes( from June,2021) will be made available.
A Digital Certificate will be awarded after completion of the Course.

Outcome Expected

It is hoped that the virtues coupled with knowledge, imbibed and practiced from childhood onwards, will find improvement in the performance and behavioral pattern of the children and can make them Role Models in all spheres.

Course Details

1) No previous knowledge is required to attend classes online.
2) This course is mainly for children up to the age of 18. However, elders may also join to learn the subjects .
3) Course will commence from 08.01.2022,
4) Course Duration:Total 20 sessions, Five months (January to May,2022), one session per week, each session will be of 1 hour duration
5) Day : mainly Saturdays
Time:from 08.00 PM to 09.00PM IST. (Time may get changed seasonally).
6) Course Fee per student has to be paid to "Shri Veda Bharathi" for enrolment.

  • India: INR2500/- to be paid through Net Banking or Google Pay or phone pay(From a source within India)
  • Other than India: USD30/-to be paid through Paypal/ Zelle
7) Additional amounts for each extra student from the same system.
  • India: INR1500/- to be paid through Net Banking or Google Pay or Phone Pay(From a source within India)
  • II) Other than India: USD15/- to be paid through Paypal/Zelle
8) Links of Recorded videos of earlier Classes will be made available.
9) A Digital Certificate will be awarded after completion of the Course.
10) Medium of instruction will be English and Telugu.
11) To know more about Shri Veda Bharathi, please visit

Class Details

  • Classes on : Every Saturday
  • Time : 7 : 30 PM
  • Session Duration : 1 Hr
  • Course Duration : 5 Months
  • Language : Telugu
  • Fee : Free

Course Contains

  1. Recitation of long Prose -Pothana Bhagavatam - Ganga Avataranam
  2. Recitation of poems - from writings of 5 great poets of Telugu- Nannaya, Tikkana, Errana, Allasani Peddana & Srinadha
  3. Lilavati ganitam- some sutras
  4. Indian Astrology- Brief introduction of Rasis & Rasi chakras,
  5. Concepts of Ayurveda
  6. Moral Stories

Course Contents

  1. Recitation of long Prose- Nrisimhaav atara gadya
  2. Indian knowledge systems-Kaadambari gadya (Sanskrit)
  3. Indian Astronomy- Jyotisha Nighantuvulu (Sanskrit)
  4. Sciences in ancient India
  5. Great Quotations (Sanskrit)
  6. Recitation of poems-( Potana Bhagavatam)
  7. Ayurveda Vijnanam- brief in sutras (Sanskrit)
  8. Veda Vijnanam-Points on Vedas, sastras, Upanishads etc.
  9. Learning Sanskrit- selected sabdas from sabdamanjari, etc
  10. Vedic maths- Some sutras


Dr.Remella Avadhanulu
+91 98494 59316

Sri Oruganti Venkata Ramanayya
+91 83674 25628

Sri Venkat Indrakanti (USA)
1(512) 789-1279

Contact Details

Smt. Shanti Kiranmai (India)
+91 88977 69316

Shri Anantha Ramanand (UK)
+44 7884 508411

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