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Lightning Speed Calculations Using Vedic

25 Jan 2021 10:28 AM | Pravallika CH

Origins of Vedic Maths Vedic Maths tracks its origin to the Vedas which were ancient scripts (texts) for knowledge and wisdom. Primarily Atharavaveda which is one of the Vedas is known to have details of Vedic Maths origins.

Vedic Maths was made more popular by Vedic Guru Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji in between 1911 - 1918. Sri Tirthaji constructed 16 Sutras and their sub sutras for fast and easy calculations. The simplicity of Vedic Maths systems was so profound that maths calculations can be carried out mentally with lighting speed. Difficult Mathematical problems can be solved in no time by Vedic Maths techniques. Amazing Power of Vedic Maths Let us take an example to show the Amazing Power of Vedic Maths over Normal calculation method. Take for an example of a complex calculation of Mathematics of doing multiplication of a 3 digit number with another 3 digit number First Number being 999 and second number being 998 Hence using normal method of multiplication of 999 X 998 could take anywhere between 2-3 minutes or more depending on how fast the person is calculating manually using normal steps However by Vedic Maths, we can calculate the same mentally in 3 seconds flat Let us see how to calculate in 3 seconds flat. One similarity with both these numbers is they are closer to number 1000. Hence 999 is 1 less than 100 & 998 is 2 less than 1000.

Considering the numbers are less than 1000, we consider a minus (-) symbol next to the difference between both the numbers. Hence, mentally we think of 2 numbers (-2) and (-1) and then multiply them -2 X -1 = 2(Result) However considering these numbers are closer to 1000 and 1000 have 3 zero`s hence our first portion of result would be 002. This is right most portion of answer. Now Cross subtract either of the initial 2 numbers with the difference from 1000. Hence you can do either of the following mentally 999 - 2 = 997 or 998 - 1 = 997 This is left most portion of answer 997. Combining Left and Right portion of Answers, we get actual answer for the multiplication which is 997002. Considering both the numbers were closer to 1000 hence we take 1000 as base as we call this method BASE 1000 method. Now use the same technique to compute 994 X 996 in 3 seconds flat. You would find it amazing as the answer that we get is really fast and that to computing mentally. Squaring Numbers in 5 seconds Let us take another example for Squaring of 2 Digit numbers. This Vedic Maths Technique is applicable for numbers between 30 and 70.

Let us see how we can square 52 in 3 seconds flat. We here take 50 as the base and 50 if Squared is 2500. Left Most Portion of Answer is 25(base 50 square) + 2(Difference of Number from 50, which is 52-50) = 25 +2 = 27 Right Most Portion of Answer is Square of the Difference (in this case 2 square) = 04 Hence the Answer is 2704. Same way for numbers which are less than 50, we subtract the difference from 25 instead of addition. Now practice calculating Square of Number 54 in 3 seconds mentally. You will find the method awesome as result is in few seconds and that too mentally. Benefits of Vedic Maths Vedic Maths once consistently used shows improved academic performance for the students. It increases mental agility as one is able to do lot of complex calculations mentally and get answers within seconds. Students practising Vedic Maths Techniques are able to get instant results as calculations are up to 15 times faster than the normal maths. It is really helpful in improving student`s confidence for normal maths school curriculum or for any entrance exams as students are able to do mental maths calculations at lightning speed via Vedic Maths Techniques.

Vedic Maths sharpens Students mind and intelligence by regular practise as it keeps students brain in active mode. Vedic Maths Reach Vedic Maths is not only beneficial for Addition, subtraction, Multiplication, Division problems but also helpful in solving complex mathematical equations problems. In this competitive world where every Sec counts during time of exams, Vedic Maths enlightens us to take the Journey of Mathematical knowledge with much more confidence. Let us embrace ourselves as students to improve ourselves in learning and practising a true Indian Vedic system called Vedic Maths. ~Gaurav

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