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The subject of Vedic mathematics is quite wide, deep and ancient. The Vedas have lot of information about the basics of mathematics like digits, numbers, decimal system, progressions etc. For quite long period, it was treated as part of Jyotisha Sastra. Partly it was covered under Kalpa Sastra, under the title of Sulba sutras, making the foundation for geometry. There has been a great lineage of mathematicians like Arya Bhata, Bhaskaracharya, BrahmaGupta, Mahavira Acharya, Pavuluri Mallanna and a host of others. In recent period, the book authored by HHSwami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha, and titled as Vedic mathematics, has attracted the attention of everybody, both within the country and also abroad. The unconventional approach, high speed arithmatics and high utility factor in competitive world have taken the subject nearer to the modern student.

The DVDs titled “Vedic mathematics, Lilavathi Ganitham and Paavuluri Ganitham” brought out by SVB, both in Telugu and English, deal with all the important aspects mentioned above, in addition to giving a vivid description of our great heritage. The subjects dealing with multiplications, divisions, square roots, cube roots, fourth order and fifth order roots, etc., are uniquely presented by the author in the form of lessons and episodes, with several illustrations.

The DVDs proved successful in making thousands of students free from the phobia of mathematics.

Topics Broadly Covered: Prayer by Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Dorbala Prabhakara Sarma garu, Introduction, Multiplications (21 patterns), Divisions, Squares, Cubes, Square roots, Cube roots, Fourth order roots, Fifth order roots, Katapayadi methods, Bhuta samkhya vidhanam, Magic squares etc.

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